Perth to Perth for Kalgoorlie

Unearth the riches of the Goldfield’s 120-year gold rush history – from the mind blowing buzz of one of the largest open-cut mines on Earth, to eerie ghost towns and the striking Antony Gormley statues on Lake Ballard.

We recommend taking at least 6 days to complete this adventure, making it the best start or finish to your road trip!

Leg 1: Perth to Kalgoorlie 593 kms 7 hours

Follow the path of the original pipeline that brought water to the Goldfields at the turn of the century.

Stop to view the spring flowers.

Coolgardie, the birthplace of the 1892 gold rush, with pioneering heritage proudly presented in its architecture and museums.

Take your 4WD with roof top tent to Goongarrie Homestead, Yeo Lake, Lake Mason Homestead, Credo Homestead, Jaurdi Station or camp within the Great Western Woodlands (Wallaroo Rock, Cave Hill, Burra Rock).

Explore Kalgoorlie

Put on a hardhat for a guided tour of the Super Pit – this 6km hole in the ground is one for the largest open cut mines on Earth.

Discover and admire the grandeur of Kalgoorlie’s gold rush history and architecture. Get a taste of life today in the lively pubs, clubs and cafes and restaurants of Australia’s largest outback town.

Play a hole on the world’s longest golf course, the Nullarbor Links.

Nullarbor Links golf course, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Australia's Golden Outback Red Dirt 4WD Rentals
Nullarbor Links golf course, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia © Australia’s Golden Outback

Leg 2: Kalgoorlie to Menzies and Lake Ballard 207 kms 2 hours

Pass the ghost towns of Broad Arrow, Ora Banda, Siberia and Good darri to reach the historic gold mining town of Menzies.

View one of the largest and most remarkable outdoor galleries on Earth at Lake Ballard, where fifty-one Antony Gormley sculptures stand against the stark white salt bed.

Antony Gormley Sculptures at Lake Ballard Tourism Western Australia Red Dirt 4WD Rentals
Antony Gormley Sculptures at Lake Ballard © Tourism WA

Leg 3: Menzies to Kookynie, Leonora and Gwalia 286 kms 4 hours

Explore the ruins of Kookynie’s industrious past.

Explore the historic gold rush precinct of Gwalia, including the museum and historic Hoover House – once home to the former American President Herbert Hoover.

Grand Hotel, Kookynie, Western Australia Tourism WA Red Dirt 4WD Rentals
Grand Hotel, Kookynie, Western Australia © Tourism WA

Leg 4: Leonora to Laverton and Kalgoorlie 473 kms 5 hours

Pass the old nickel mines of Murrin Murrin and Windarra and the sites of Hawkes Nest, Mount Morgans and Old Rail Bridges.

Laverton, Western Australia Tourism WA Red Dirt 4WD Rentals
Laverton, Western Australia © Tourism WA

Leg 5: Kalgoorlie to Perth 593 kms 6 hours

Follow the golden pipeline from Kalgoorlie back to its source in the Perth Hills.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Tourism WA Red Dirt 4WD Rentals
Kalgoorlie Boulder © Tourism WA
Total kilometres: 2,152
Total travel time: 24
Travel times are estimated based on an average speed of 80km p/h and should be adjusted to suit road conditions and weather. The travel times indicated should allow for delays due to road works, traffic, fuel, food and bathroom stops. Travel times and distances are approximate and we recommend using as a guide only, along with a published map book or GPS navigational system.
Itinerary: courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

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Northern Territory top places to visit

The Northern Territory offers countless of experiences for travelers. Recently, it has become the starting point for many overseas travelers hoping to travel along the Gibb River Road as it offers the opportunity to fly direct from and to Asia, notably Singapore. But there’s not only attractions to see in Western Australia!

The Northern Territory is rich in culture and history. As a matter of fact, being sparsely populated, it also offers travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the real outback and learn more about the Aboriginal culture.

Darwin and surrounds

From wildlife parks (and crocodiles parks) to the museum and botanical park, Darwin has a lot to offer. It will keep you occupied for a day or two.

Main attractions include:

Litchfield National Park

It is one of the most popular national park close to Darwin (about 1.5 hours). Visitors can enjoy walk trails, waterfalls and swimming holes.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is the largest park in Australia and can occupy you for days. It has walk trails, waterfalls, wetlands and much more such as Aboriginal rock art.

Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land is located at the top end of Northern Territory and only accessible with a permit. This isolated reserve boasts beautiful scenery, rugged coastlines and rain forests. Today Arnhem Land remains one of the largest Aboriginal owned reserves in Australia.


Nitmiluk National Park is a beautiful place not to be missed with the two main waterfalls being Katherine Gorge and Edith Falls.

Other places to visit include:

Tennant Creek

Tennant Creek is full of history and a great spot to stretch your legs if you are on your way to Alice Springs.

Main attractions include:

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is famous for its outback spirit and is the closest main town to Ayers Rock. The town offers many activities which include:

Uluru-Katja Tjuta National Park

This national park is mainly known for Uluru (or Ayers Rock), a sandstone formation standing 348m above ground. The national park also features other spectacular rock formations such as the domed rock formations of Katja Tjuta, also known as Olgas.

Images courtesy: Northern Territory Tourism
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