Field of Light Exhibition at Uluru

Visit the Field of Light Exhibition at Uluru

The Field of Light exhibition is a beautiful art display made of more than 50,000 stems with light spheres spread covering more than 7 football fields at the Uluru site. When darkness comes, the site illuminates and display a field of ochre, violet, blue and gentle white and invites people to immerse themselves in this fantasy garden.

The art exhibition has been extended until 30th December 2020. Tour bookings are strongly recommended due to the popularity of the exhibition.

There are a number of different tours such as self guided walks, a panoramic view of the Field of Light with canapes and drinks, a combination of a camel ride or helicopter ride and the panoramic view, a 3-course meal dinner or a self guided tour at sunrise.

The brochure and tour description can be found on the Ayers Rock Resort website.

Courtesy of: Ayers Rock Resort

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