Hire a 4WD With a Towbar

4WD Hire to Tow a Trailer

Hire a 4WD with a towbar
Hire a 4WD with a towbar

In March 2017, we helped the Swan River Rowing Club to participate at the Sydney International Rowing Regatta by providing the club with a 200 Series Land Cruiser to tow their rowing trailer from Perth to Sydney and back. All our Red Dirt 4WD’s can be equipped with a towbar for your towing needs. The 200 Series Land Cruisers are very powerful 4WD’s and can tow up to 3.5 t. So, if you need to hire a 4WD with a towbar, we can help you out! Enquire today by calling us on  1300 63 36 00 or send us an email





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