Rental Information

At Red Dirt 4WD Rentals, we understand that not everyone likes to risk it. That’s why we also offer the Max Cover liability reduction option for those who want extra peace of mind.





Returned within 21 days of hires conclusion or total resolution of any claim.


Debited via credit card



Cost per day



Maximum 50 days/ $1500


Maximum 50 days/ $3000


Glass cover

Tyre damage

2 tyres


$0 excess

Recovery from 4WD roads

Recovery up to $2500

Admin fee per claim




Hirers under 21 years of age are not permitted. Hirers 21-24 years of age with incur a $30.00 per day young driver fee.

The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that any damage liability reduction option shall not operate to limit liability if the Hirer breaches the Hire Agreement.

No liability reduction option will provide protection against roof or underbody damage to vehicles. Refer to full hire terms and conditions for further information.

Our standard terms and conditions regarding cancellations are as follows:

10 Cancellations
10.1 Bookings may be cancelled by the Hirer giving not less than 60 day’s notice in writing to the Company prior to the commencement of the Hire Period, in which case the Hirer shall be entitled to a full refund of any amounts already paid by the Hirer to the Company (including, but not limited to, the Deposit) less an administration fee of $30 (or such greater amount as is determined by the Company from time to time).
10.2 If the Hirer cancels a booking, either wholly or in part, but fails to give notice of such cancellation in accordance with clause 10.1, the Company shall not be obliged to refund the Deposit or any other amount paid by the Hirer under the Hire Agreement.

This has been summarised below:

60+ days prior to pick-up

$30 cancellation fee

59 to 28 days prior to pick-up

20% of hire

Less than 28 days prior to pick-up

100% of hire

No-show on day of pick-up

100% of hire

If returning early there is no refund available for the unused days.

The specifications and features may depend on the Red Dirt 4WD selected. Please refer to your vehicle specification list for a list of your vehicles features.

Travel exclusions only apply to those areas outlined in our hire terms and conditions.

Travel on roads closed by the authorities is not permitted, and therefore always check your planned travel route before departure.

All Red Dirt 4WDs are fitted with 3 child seat anchor points for use with Australian standard child restraints. Need to hire a child seat as well? No problem, visit our accessory hire section.

It is always recommended that drivers carry a valid drivers licence from their country of origin as well as an international drivers licence for translation purposes. Ensure both licences are carried with you at all times.

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